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Owned by Dr Vindea Padayachie, the Aesthetic Concept is a medical practice which provides the latest procedures in Aesthetic Medicine, for clients who wish to improve and enhance their looks.

Dr Padayachie is a trained medical doctor and qualified at the University of Kwa Zulu-Natal. She has had further training under world renowned American dermatologist Dr Michel Delune and has obtained a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the prestigious American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. She regularly attends conferences and updates in the World of Aesthetic Medicine to ensure that she brings the best treatment options to her clients.

The concept of beauty is an abstract and subjective one. We all have our own tastes, likes and dislikes but working together with a trained and experienced physician can result in a remarkable improvement in one’s sense of self beauty. By understanding the facial shape, the role of symmetry, proportion and volume in the face, the balance of light and shadows, the effect of the hairline and skin texture-an improvement in attractiveness is easily achieved by altering the flaws and enhancing our best features.

“I have always been on the search for treatments and procedures to help improve the quality, look and lustre of my own skin. Since entering the exciting career of Aesthetic Medicine, I have been thrilled with the advances that have been made in skin care. The innovative techniques used for anti-aging and rejuvenation are now so much more cost-friendly and are available for everyday people” – Dr Vindea Padayachie.

Our warm and friendly demeanour will help you to feel at ease, and comfortable enough to tackle the problems that you’ve always wanted addressed. At The Aesthetic Concept, we aim to make every client a better version of themselves

We have an extensive range of services which include BOTOX, fillers for volume and wrinkles, cellulite, slimming, hair loss treatments and more.

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