Cellulite and what to do about it

Cellulite is a common problem experienced by many women and even some men. It is the excessive dimpling or lumpiness of the skin noticed typically on the buttocks, hips and thighs, and is a result of fat being trapped within fibrous bands of connective tissue underneath the skin.

Although more noticeable in larger women, thinner women can also suffer with this problem which is usually hereditary. It can also be caused by a poor diet (high salt and/or fat), excessive weight gain, slowed metabolism, circulation problems, poor physical activity, smoking, hormonal changes, dehydration and worsens with age.

So what can be done to improve it? Unfortunately cellulite cannot be completely eradicated. It can however be improved simply by losing excess weight, exercising with a combination of cardio and strength training (to improve muscle mass and decrease fat percentage) and by adopting a healthy diet with increased water and fresh fruit and veggies. Toning or stretching exercises done on vibration plate machines or with a foam roller can help to improve circulation remarkably with improvement of cellulite.

Scrubs and creams have little to no success in improving cellulite. They assist in overall improvement in skin softness but not with reduction of the dimpling. Treatments such as lymphatic massages, radiofrequency and pulsed light/lasers require numerous sessions and repeat treatments but can offer noticeable improvements. Mesotherapy, comprising of injections of phosphatidylcholine, L-Carnitine or silica (to breakdown the fat) together with NCTF (a combination of hyaluronic acid with vitamins, amino acids and essential enzymes to improve the appearance of the overlying skin) can also assist with cellulite.

srdy0807Cellulite and what to do about it