The sun and your skin

The sun gives of ultraviolet radiation in the form of UVA and UVB rays causing damage to skin and increases the risk of skin cancer. UVB rays are responsible for sunburn whilst UVA rays penetrate the skin deeper and cause premature skin aging or photoaging. UVA and UVB rays are emitted even on dull wintery days and use of a sun protection factor (SPF) cream is a daily must, with re-application necessary especially if skin is exposed throughout the day. Even whilst indoors, rays penetrate through glass and fluorescent light bulbs have also been found to emit UVA rays. Use an spf of at least factor 30, that protects against both UVA and UVB such as Heliocare® SPF50 or Vichy® SPF30.

A coin sized amount should be applied to the entire face, neck and ears. Additional spf should be used on other exposed skin.

Nutrition also plays a role in combating sun damage. Lycopene-containing foods such as watermelon and tomatoes are essential for skin repair and sun protection.

Fair skins, athletes and holidaymakers can use an additional oral sun protection tablet which helps to prevent sunburns as well as reduces the intensity of damage with improved healing and recovery time. Heliocare Ultra® capsules or Lamelle Ovelle D3®.

For photodamaged skin from years of sunning, chemical skin peels as well as products targeted for effective reduction of sun damage are advised such as the Mesoestetic® range.

Mesotherapy (injections with hyaluronic acid) or the newest platelet rich plasma facials reduces lines and wrinkles whilst improves texture, complexion and the overall appearance of the skin to a younger healthier glow.

srdy0807The sun and your skin