What is Botox® and is it safe?

Botox® is one of many brands of neurotoxins available in aesthetic medicine. Derived from Onabotulinum toxin, Botox® has been altered so is completely safe for human use. It has been in use since the 1980’s, particularly helpful for patients with neuromuscular disorders.

Its main role in aesthetics, is in wrinkle reduction. With wrinkles being either static or dynamic, Botox® works well on the dynamic wrinkles. These wrinkles or creases appear when a face is showing expression such as surprise or a frown. Wrinkles present when a face is at rest are called static wrinkles.

Through a series of minute injections, placed into facial muscles, Botox® acts as an inhibitor preventing the muscles from moving. These inactivated muscles will thus remain in a state of calm, preventing the wrinkles associated with their movement, from appearing. Particularly common areas treated are the glabella (vertical frown lines between the eyebrows), the “crows feet” area (around the eyes), the forehead and nasal scrunch (wrinkling over the nose).

By inhibiting specific muscle movements, we can also cause other muscles to dominate which results in enhancement of features, such as in an eyebrow lift.

Botox® can also be used to correct a “Gummy” smile and for downward turning mouth corners. It can also treat sweaty palms and feet or axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating).

The results of facial Botox typically last between 3-4 months.

There are no long term side effects from Botox®. Typically, skin that has Botox® looks better and shows age less than skin that hasn’t used Botox®. It is becoming a popular preventative solution for wrinkles, for clients in their 20s and 30s

When skilfully administered, Botox® will not result in a frozen expressionless face but instead, will create a refreshed, peaceful and youthful look.

srdy0807What is Botox® and is it safe?