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Rejuvenating the eye area

Conditions commonly associated with an aging eye area include periorbital wrinkles (crows feet), pigmentation, sagging eyelids, sunken/hollow tear troughs or crepey eyelid skin.

Creams containing retinol, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid assist to smoothen fine lines and firm up the delicate eye skin.
Usually multiple aesthetic treatments are prescribed and a skilled aesthetic doctor can personalise your treatment plan with treatments options including the following:
Botulinum toxin injections, help to smoothen crows feet and prevents further wrinkles. It can also assist with elevating a droopy or low lying eyebrow to widen the eye area for maximum aesthetic enhancement.
Chemical peels act by removing the outer layers of damaged skin and reduces crepeyness of fine tissue and the lines associated with it. Usually multiple peels are required of varying strengths.
PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections rejuvenate the delicate skin and help to heal damaged tissue with the bodys own platlets and help to stimulate increased collagen production for smoother firmer skin. A series of 2-3 treatments per year results in firmer, healthier skin with a youthful glow.
Fillers assist with hollowness and plump up depressed tissue alleviating the look of tiredness. A fine line filler can also be used for wrinkles resistant to botulinum toxin.
Radiofrequency and light based therapy help to tighten loose skin. Usually multiple treatments achieve a refreshed look with improved skin firmness and also assists with finer lines.
Although many treatments are available to improve the appearance of the eye area, the most effective treatment is prevention with sunglasses, a sunhat and SPF.

editorRejuvenating the eye area